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worms again
Posted: 22/07/2008 by shazzler

Hi all,
as you know twiglet was wormed about 2wks ago, she was kept on kitchen
roll for four days all her substrate was thrown away and changed her
outdoor enclosure was totally emptied and changed, her food is home
grown no hedgerow picking, but she had a poop this morning in her bath
and she is totally full of them again, i dont need a fecal to tell me
they are there i can see the little buggers myself, where have i gone
wrong, her weeds are grown in pots so i know they wont get anything
from the soil and theyre washed, im at my wits end at the moment.
shes happy as larry indoors and is eating, drinking, basking and quite
active so i dont think shes feeling ill with them unlike me this
morning when i saw them,

i didnt see this many when she was originally wormed can anybody offer
me any suggestions as to where ive gone wrong, shes going back to the
vets and im not paying for a fecal first this time either, wish me luck


Re: worms again
Posted: 22/07/2008 by tpgadmin

Hi Sharon

Remind us - did you use panacur?  If so 3 treatments are necessary to clear the worms given at 10 day intervals.


Re: worms again
Posted: 22/07/2008 by shazzler

hi helen

 yes he used panacur we had a bit of a debate about the dosage instead of a dose every few days he said he gives them a big dose which i wasnt to happy about but he said it wouldnt do her any harm, these things are still alive and kicking so how does the wormer stuff work hun?

does it just clear them out of her body or does it kill them first, i really have no idea what to expect, my only experience with panacur was on my dog when she was a puupy and her worms were expelled dead already, shes going back on saturday  so if he gives her another dose i may just book herin again 10 days later for a fecal to be on the safe side xxxx 

Re: worms again
Posted: 22/07/2008 by tpgadmin

That treatment is OK Sharon and it will need repeating a 2nd or a 3rd time to expell the worms completely.  It isn't unusual for live worms to be expelled initially but once your tort has completed the last treatment and there are no more worms you are right that another faecal will need to be done about 2 weeks later to ensure she is clear completely. 

Meantime all you can do it practice good hygiene techniques which I know you do, and clean up any droppings as soon as they are done.  Also you might need to change the top layer of your substrate completely to ensure she doesn't get re-infected.



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