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eating stones
Posted: 18/06/2009 by zoozed

our mediterranean spur thighed tortoise female aged about 80 has eaten very little but I have seen her eating gravel she seems a little lethargic and has passed a slimy geen substance. our vet has advised initially we hydrate her by bathing. W"hat could this be?

Re: eating stones
Posted: 18/06/2009 by TPGDarren


It's difficult to say with any certainty. It could well be a result of dehydration. Daily bathing in warm water and keeping her warm would be what I'd try initially in order to speed up her metabolism and activity and observe her over the next few days.

With regards to the gravel, she is probably seeking extra calcium. Try leaving a few cuttlefish in her enclosure. Do you use Nutrobal or limestone flour at all. Bathing in Reptoboost is a good pick-me-up for tortoises.

Did the vet have any specialism/much experience with reptiles/tortoises do you know?


There is a list of good tortoise vets here:-






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