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Correct Weight????
Posted: 26/05/2009 by dewly

Click and drag me down to the editor Hello

I have tried using the Jackson Ratio to see if Alfie is the right weight but it is showing that he is extremely over weight which I find quite hard to believe!! Can some one help please???

Alfie is a 10 month old Spur Thigh. He weighs 28 grammes and is 4.5 cm long. Does this sound about right to you???

Thank you


Re: Correct Weight????
Posted: 26/05/2009 by wilsonathome

just looked at the jackson ratio for hatchlings and the graph says 20gms for 4.5cms.

I wouldn't worry too much if i were you as it's just a guide.

Most of my hatchlings are born at around 3cms and weigh between 10 and 14 gms, if the hatchling that weighed 14gms at birth weighed 28gms at 10 months old, it would mean he'd only have put on an average of just over a gram a month and in my opinion that's not enough or maybe your baby was small at birth?

I'm hoping someone will come along and explain better than i can as my brain appears to have stopped working for the last 2 days Click and drag me down to the editor

sue xx

Re: Correct Weight????
Posted: 26/05/2009 by tpgadmin

Hi Sue

You are right the Jackson Ratio shouldn't be taken as gospel - it is just a guide.  We should probably be aiming for a weight gain in our tortoises of about 2-3 gr. per month. 



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