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Gritty Urates
Posted: 20/05/2009 by dewly

Hello, can some one put my mind at rest please???

My little 10 month old Spur Thigh, Alfie, has gritty urates. I have only had him 2 weeks, he eats well, is bright eyed and has his active moments throughout the day. I have not noticed gritty urates in his enclosure but I have noticed them when I bath him, which i have now upped to every day.

Once when bathing him he expelled a huge amount of fluid from his bottom. I have read that this is healthy as it's the way that tortoises flush out their kidneys??

Can you tell me please if i have any thing to worry about?

Thank you.

Re: Gritty Urates
Posted: 20/05/2009 by linkr630

Hiya sorry dont know your name but gritty urates signify dehydration and your doing right to bathe Alfie daily, in fact you could make it twice a day for a while until hes fully hydrated seeing he's so young.


Re: Gritty Urates
Posted: 20/05/2009 by ElaineTPG

Hi I totally agree with what Lin has said. I bath all my torts daily, twice for the little ones in the summer. Two reasons: hydration and it keeps the enclosure clean as they tend to 'go' in the bath water. I also think but have no proof that with a cleaner inside it must end up with a healthier tortoise. OR I may just be trying to find a reason for all that time spent bathing  Click and drag me down to the editor.

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Re: Gritty Urates
Posted: 21/05/2009 by dewly

Thank you very much - I am now bathing Alfie twice a day - any excuse!!

Re: Gritty Urates
Posted: 23/05/2009 by dewly

Hello again, Lin and Elaine
I have been bathing Alfie twice daily as you suggested and I have also been putting water on his food before giving it to him - I only feed him weeds and flowers from the garden, woods and fields.
Any way, I have not seen any gritty Urates at all. He poo's in the water and I find the odd poo in his cage but I have seen no gritty urates. Should I take this as being a good thing and presime he is doing normal wee's?
He is very alert and eats like a little munchkin so I take it this is all good?????

Re: Gritty Urates
Posted: 23/05/2009 by vivtpgadmin

Hi Julie, Alfie sounds fine, hopefully all the gritty urates have now come out.  Just keep up the baths, and I feed the odd piece of cucumber which also helps to hydrate them as it made up of water.

Keep up the good work, Vivienne

Re: Gritty Urates
Posted: 23/05/2009 by dewly

Fantastic - thank you every one for your help
Julie xx


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