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Posted: 04/03/2009 by paddockpeople

Hi,i was just wondering if someone could tell me for my russian tortoise ,what is the humidity level meant too read??at the mo i keep it between 50-60 so not tropical and not desert
is this correct?

I also have two thermomator's at each end of his table i make sure he has a basking temp of between 30-35c in one spot,but what should the other end read??

I've heard alot of different thing's about temp's and he does have a sep bit in his table where he can totally get out of the heat part.

Also how often am i meant too worm him?and do the vets do this?(he was wormed before i got him & he has had a check up since)

Thank you:-)

Re: Humidity/temp
Posted: 04/03/2009 by tpgNina


I've got a Russian, but I'm afraid I don't know what the humidity should be. They can't take cold and damp, and some people would say it should be very dry, but there is also a theory that lack of humidity plays a part in pyramiding. I just keep the soil/sand mixture in the hot end of the enclosure very slightly damp, and the cool side of the enclosure dry -- but others might have different ideas.

I think a temperature of 30C at the hot end and 20C at the cool end, and no heat at night (they like a drop in heat, as long as it doesn't go below about 11C or 12C) is what is usually recommended.

As for worming, I wouldn't worm him unless you have evidence that he has worms. I have a sample of poo tested every year and if my tort has a heavy load of worms, then I worm her. There is one school of thought that a very light load of worms is actually beneficial to a tortoise, but of course a heavy load is very bad for them. As with any medicine, the worming meds are a jolt to the system, and so I would only ever worm if it is necessary.


Re: Humidity/temp
Posted: 04/03/2009 by paddockpeople

HI Nina yeah thats what i thought,i dont give him heat at night as it doesnt drop below 16c,and the temp at the other end is around 20c
and i have it so after 2pm in the afternoon i lift his light up abit more so the temp drops just slightly as in the wild it would and i was told that its good for them...true??

I wish i could find somewhere that would tell me the humidity temp i cant find it anywhere,but at the min i agree i keep it a happy medium.

He seems very happy.

Any ideas on where i can find out humidity levels for Russians??

Thanks for replying:-)

Re: Humidity/temp
Posted: 04/03/2009 by tpgadmin

Low humidity is the key.  Russians come from an arid habitat and although can withstand cold and dry environments for a short while they certainly cannot stand cold and damp conditions for a prolonged period otherwise they succumb to respiratory infections and shell problems.  They need a warm indoor house in which they can shelter and keep dry and I see that's just what you are providing.  You can  afford to let the temp drop down a bit lower to about 10 at night if you wish.


Re: Humidity/temp
Posted: 08/03/2009 by paddockpeople

HI,thanks so much for your advise,from the sounds of it,i,m going along the guide lines with him & he seems happy & i always make sure his bedding is skipped out twice or three times daily this includes any wet or droppings,and then fully cleaned ones a if with his humidity temp if i just keep it how i have been??

So its in between tropical & desert which is approx 50-60?

Many Thanks again

Re: Humidity/temp
Posted: 08/03/2009 by TPGDarren


Researching & replicating an animal's natural environment is always a good policy to adopt:-)
Horsfields come from a wide range of areas where the humidity is low, though very varied. If you google the humidity in the areas Horsfields originate from you'll see what I mean:-)

In general, providing your tortoise is in a well ventilated enclosure (tortoise table) and is on a soil or soil/sand substrate, you won't go far wrong. The problems mainly occur with Horsfields when they are either in vivariums or when high water retension substrates are used.

Sorry I couldn't be more exact



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