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Still Worried
Posted: 29/01/2009 by Row

I'm still worried about Twiggy!  She's been on eye drops for nearly 4 weeks (2 differnet sorts).  Although they are improving they are still not right.  They still suddenly puff up all of a sudden.  I've got to telephone the vet at the end of the week to update him.  The problem is when I take Twiggy to the vet she won't come out of her shell so he cannot look at them properley and has to go by my description of what is wrong.  She also is still doing a "baby bird" impression when it food time.  She bends her head right back and just open and closes her beak just like a Baby bird!  She tends not to use a back legs much either when feeding they just stick out the back of her shell and she pulls herself along with her front legs.

I'm really worried about her not sure whether this is unecessary worry or not?

Any advise? Is this normal?  Sorry for troubling you again.

Thanks Rowan (aka worrier)

Re: Still Worried
Posted: 29/01/2009 by tpgNina

Hi Rowan,

I'm so sorry to hear that Twiggy still isn't any better. Her behaviour just doesn't sound right to me -- the 'baby bird' impression, and the fact that she is not using her back legs much is worrying. I know that you said your vet keeps tortoises himself (or herself), but that doesn't mean that the vet is necessarily a specialist in tortoises. Could you pm me the name of your vet, and also tell me where you are located, just in case there is a specialist tortoise vet near you? If you click on my name at the top of this email, a screen should come up that allows you to send me a private message. I hope this is OK.


Re: Still Worried
Posted: 29/01/2009 by Row

Should be on its way to you now.


Thank you so much.


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Re: Still Worried
Posted: 29/01/2009 by Row

Ok have replied to your email also some pics in gallery.  Not great but I managed to do it!

Re: Still Worried
Posted: 30/01/2009 by tortoise7

Hi Row
Thinking of you and twiglet and hoping that you can get her sorted soon

Re: Still Worried
Posted: 30/01/2009 by Row

Thanks Jane that's so thoughtful and kind.

Re: Still Worried
Posted: 01/02/2009 by tpgadmin

Hi Row

Nina tells me she is trying to help you find a specialist vet for Twiggy, but it isn't proving easy.

Have a look at this link and see if this can help you find a vet near you:  Make sure you select exotic animal medicine under the Practice Staff box at the bottom of the page.

I'm concerned that your tortoise is still having problems using his back legs properly despite your best care and because of this in my opinion it does need to be seen by an expert as soon as possible.

I know you are trying to do all you can so good luck and please leet us know how you go on.





Re: Still Worried
Posted: 02/02/2009 by Row

Thanks Helen.  Nearest one is in Romford over 100 miles away.  Nina has found 2 close by to me and I have conatcted them both.  I a real panic now.  I'm sure all will be ok have updated Nina on the outcome,

Thanks for everyones support.

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Re: Still Worried
Posted: 10/02/2009 by Debi

Hi there,

I was just wondering how Twiglet is doing, hope things are ok

Kind regards

Debi      ----------- Mr Browns mum.. 

Re: Still Worried
Posted: 10/02/2009 by Row


Twiggy is ok not great but we're gonna get there.  She's had ex-rays done to rule out kidney problems.  They were clear! Woo Hoo... Her eye's are still poorley but she's on new drops and I think they are slowley getting better but still very sore at times.  her "baby bird" impression has stopped as I'm no longer hand feeding her.  Had to do this due to her eyes and her not seeing the where the food was.  Her back legs do have weakness but she has hydra and physio therapy every day.  Physio is her on a mtach box with legs off the ground so she waggles them about.... She hates it but this is what the vet recommended.  The vet said it may take a good year before her legs are strong but I'm not giving up she is worth every minute of my time...

Thanks for everyones help it great to know there is so much support out there.  It stopped me feeling really helpless at times.

Especially a big thank you to Nina she rocks!Click and drag me down to the editor

Hopefully Twiggy will be ok.  i've only had about 15 weeks it seems soooo much longer!



Re: Still Worried
Posted: 10/02/2009 by tpgNina

It was really nice getting to know you and Twiggy by email, Row, and I learned a lot too! And thanks too to Kirkie, who did a lot of research and also found the vet who correctly diagnosed Twiggy's problems.
Row, you've been absolutely amazing with Twiggy, and I'm sure she owes her survival to your dedication and the love and care that you are giving her. Maybe some day she will reward you with some little baby Twiglets!


Re: Still Worried
Posted: 11/02/2009 by kirkie

Hi Row.

Good to hear Twiggys on the mend. Sure she'll go from strength to strength with you looking after her.


Re: Still Worried
Posted: 05/04/2009 by TPGDarren

Hi Row,

How's Twiggy doing.

Kevin dropped me a line and said the 18deg night time is just fine.

Here's his reply:-

18 degrees will be fine. Although any studies done on drug pharmacokinetics are always with animals at a set environmental temperature and an overnight drop will alter pharmacokinetics it is generally considered that all reptiles on treatment still get a normal photoperiod and temperature exposure.



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