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Posted: 18/01/2009 by divingdancer

I am sat here, on a Sunday morning, gobsmacked at the number of leopard tortys requiring re-homing this month.

Developers these days build small houses for humans with small gardens - is that the problem?

Pet and Reptile Shops seem to have an unending supply of various breeds of torts but very little guidance as to the size they will grow to and what their care requirements are.

Hermann's and Horsefields do seem cute when small as do leopards, but they are not like a cat or a dog and do need proper care.. I just wish it were compulsory for care sheets to be given at the point of sale.

It would appear most breeders who sell privately, care about where the animal is going and for its welfare, giving advice to the owner. Plus, if you want advice later you can always go back to the breeder.

Pet shops don't seem to do this so much.

I've decided once the kids leave home (eventually) I want a nice BIG garden then I can have a LARGE torty area. I guess I am feeling so helpless when all these leopards come up and I want to care for them.

moan over . I'm just going to let my geriatric collie out for another wee. (he is 19 and forgets he has been out)

Re: Leopards
Posted: 18/01/2009 by TPGDarren

Thanks for sharing. Its thoughts echoed by us all here. Most of the people who purchase these tortoises are genuine people, but are unfortunately told what they want to hear. Of course, pointing out pitfalls wont result in a SALE!! shame on them!!Click and drag me down to the editor



Re: Leopards
Posted: 18/01/2009 by tpgadmin

I think with the new Animal Welfare Legislation that traders have to give information out on care.  The trouble is the information is not always appropriate for the species and sometimes it is through ignorance on behalf of the trader.  Often it is the wholesaler that gives care sheets to the trader and the trader believes these to be correct.

There is still a huge amount of education to be done out there.

BTW I have a geriatric cat who forgets he's been fed and that is a huge problem as he has such a raucous persistent meow. Click and drag me down to the editor


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