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Flaky skin
Posted: 04/01/2009 by Shelbyville

Hi All

Both my Horsefields have started getting flaky skin on their legs and neck.None of the areas look inflamed at all, and it doesn't seem to be caused by rubbing/chaffing. I have read that they do lose their skin and as long as it's not sore it should be fine. Is this correct? I can try and send photos if anyone would rather look.

Re: Flaky skin
Posted: 04/01/2009 by TPGDarren


It's absoluetly fine and nothing to worry about.


Re: Flaky skin
Posted: 04/01/2009 by Shelbyville

Thanks Darren,I feel happier now.

Re: Flaky skin
Posted: 12/02/2009 by unhindered

i was about to ask this! so thanks for the answer! :D

Re: Flaky skin
Posted: 12/02/2009 by tpgNina

Just to add a bit to what's been said, everyone knows about about snakes shedding their skins, usually all in one piece. Well tortoises do the same thing, but they shed it in bits, which is why it looks flaky. I think I'm right in saying that it's because the skin of reptiles doesn't stretch and grow like ours does as we get bigger. When they get bigger, the old skin splits and comes off and there is new skin underneath.


Re: Flaky skin
Posted: 15/02/2009 by unhindered

thanks for the info :) i was a bit worried coz i havent seen him in a few weeks (he lives with my mum while im at uni) so i thought i would look into it and i'm very relieved!

Re: Flaky skin
Posted: 16/02/2009 by ElaineTPG

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