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Posted: 21/10/2020 by Mary27

I am beginning to think about hibernating my 3 tortoises. My 9 year old female tortoise is pacing around her outdoor pen. It's dull and rainy and the other 2 are staying in their house, I assume conserving their energy. I cannot work out what is the matter and worry she will lose too much weight to hibernate. I have had them for around 5 years and this is not normal behaviour. Anyone have any ideas? 


Re: Worried
Posted: 08/11/2020 by HelenM

Hi Mary

I've just come across your post when searching for some advice about hibernating our tortoise - she's about 40 so knows the drill when it comes to hibernating but it just seems so warm still at the moment; she usually goes down about this time.  I just wondered what you've done with yours and if anyone else is having the same problem this year.  We're in Wiltshire.  Thanks.


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