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Sleepy tortroises
Posted: 23/09/2020 by RJOfford

Good afternoon,

I have two 3 year old Hermann's tortoises, which so far as I can tell are healthy and a good weight for their size, based on both the Jackson ratio and the Donoghue ratio.

When up and about, and particularly so on warm days, they are very active and eat well.  However, they frequently don't emerge from their sleeping quarters (a wooden box with a little door hole to get in and out of, which is in their greenhouse located next to the heat lamp) until 1pm or later, and often not at all.  So I often end up getting them up and putting them near their lamp to warm up, and then once warmed up off they go.  Sometimes they will eat whatever food I put out for them and take themselves straight back to bed.  Is this behaviour normal for a young tortoise?  My previous tortoise, (who was in his 70s or 80s), was generally up early and didn't take himself to bed until the evening, stopping only for a brief siesta around lunch time or early afternoon.

Do young tortoises just sleep more and is there anything in this behaviour that I should be worried about?  I regularly check them for any lumps/abcesses etc, listen to their breathing to make sure they are not snuffly, and bathe them regularly to make sure they are well hydrated, and so far as I can tell they seem to be perfectly healthy.

As I say, when they are up they are very active and eat well, but it just concerns me that even on hot sunny days, I have to almost drag them out of bed, almost like teenage humans!

Any comments?


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