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Not Eating/Pooing
Posted: 15/06/2019 by Herbinator

Please can I get some advice? My 7 year old horsfield is showing worrying behaviour (to me). He woke early from Hibernation on 1st Jan this year and was absolutely fine, eating, pooing, all the stuff Iíd expect. 

This last two weeks however, I realised heís been ignoring his weeds, not eating, and also not pooing. If Iím honest I canít even remember seeing any urates for a number of weeks either. 
Iíve bathed him 3 times in reptoboost, changed his indoor bulb for a brand new one and keep offering him favourite foods, but all he wants to do is sleep. The only time we see him normal for a few hours is after abath. Iíd like to get a worm count done but obviously I canít without the poop. Iím wondering if heís out of sync somewhat with waking very early from hibernation, his behaviour is certainly a little like heís winding down already.


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