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Horsefield tortoise tito needs your help
Posted: 21/03/2017 by Naidene23

Hi guys, 

I have a Horsefield tortoise called Tito. I have had tito for almost 3 years and he was just a little baby when I got him so he is only around 3 years & a few months give or take. 

Normally tito would be very active, a very well eater & I would genuinely not have any concerns for him, but the last few weeks I have noticed tito is very in-active, I have found myself waking him, bathing him & trying to hand feed him which he has often refused & crawls back under the straw in his hide. 

His UV light which is also a heat lamp, comes on at 7am and goes off at 7pm. When his lamp comes on he makes his way out of the straw and towards the bulb but does not wake fully. He then sleeps there all day and does not move apart from changes his sleeping position. I bathed him today popped him back in his cage & he made his way to bed which is strange as it was only 3 in the afternoon. 

His enclosure - a very large wooden tortoise table.
Heat under bulb - 35 to 40 degrees 
Heat at furthest away end of table - 20 degrees 
I bath tito every day if I can but if I can't every second day
Tito has been given worming medicine in the past

I have also noticed he has another eye infection which he has been given drops for in the past, I was told it was his substrate so I changed it to topsoil and play sand ready mixed which I bought out of a pet store. 

I am very worried with the sudden change in titos behaviour & vets tell me it's to do with substrate when I have changed it numerous occasions. 

I think another visit to vets is in order but would like to get some opinions from you guys as well. Thanks for taking your time to read this & get back to me if you can help. 

Naidene & tito 


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