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Spur-thighed Tortoise not eating!
Posted: 03/03/2017 by waldronpg

Hello again

Cecil has come out of hibernation well since I last posted two weeks ago, is being bathed twice a day, drinking well and going to the toilet (!) We now have a reasonably-sized enclosure for him indoors until it gets warmer, when he will have the run of the garden. We only had a 100w heat lamp to start with but he seemed to like it, and actually started eating lettuce etc. Since we changed the heat lamp for an Arcadia 100w heat/UVB, he now dislikes the enclosure, and when left in it, spends his time trying to climb up the wall to escape. The temp is no different but obviously the UVB has been added. Therefore we have taken to letting him out within the family room, and he is then happy - but has lost all interest in food, and is losing some weight (995gms 18th Feb down to 952 now). Should we worry as long as he is getting moisture from his bath and is active? Paul

Re: Spur-thighed Tortoise not eating!
Posted: 05/03/2017 by Tom

If they are allowed to wander they become frustrated when put back in, hence it tries to escape.

What is the temp' at the top of the carapace ? & the height between the bottom of bulb & carapace top.

The bulb needs  a reflector dome.


Re: Spur-thighed Tortoise not eating!
Posted: 05/03/2017 by waldronpg


 Temp for heat/uvb is 28.7c at carapace height, with bulb 9in high.  When we used other heat lamp, temp was 40c at same height which I guess is too hot really.

See a reflector is recommended but was unsure what value it really added.


Re: Spur-thighed Tortoise not eating!
Posted: 06/03/2017 by

Yes 40C is far too high Paul, aim for about 30C. 

A reflector concentrates both heat & UV into a smaller area, thus maximising the effect of both of the latter.

The intended ht between top of tort. & bottom of bulb is 30cm in most cases - refer to product instructions.



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