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Under Weight
Posted: 04/01/2017 by joss

I have a female 7 year old Herman that was too under weight for me to sadly hibernate this year and I recently took on a local unwanted 6 year old male Spur theigh, who is also under weight. The Herman surprised me by dropping weight this year even though she is up on last year weight. I was confident she`d be hibernated but when the time came to wind down, she was too under for me to be comfortable with. She eats most days but is still slowy losing weight. Is there any suggestions to what i can do to reverse the trend? She eats a variety of wild weeds and lambs lettuce.
The Spur Thigh is a real concern because his previous owner only feed him pellets and I am relucant to continue this type of food but he is refusing or showing no interest in weeds or Lambs Lettuce. Do I continue refusing to give him pellet food or give in as he has not eaten for four weeks now from what I can tell.

I look forward to you advice. Many Thanks in advance

Re: Under Weight
Posted: 04/01/2017 by


Can you send details about how they are kept please, preferably with photos.
Can you post the Hermanns wt records also please ?

The more info you provide the better I can advise you.



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