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Tortoise not eating
Posted: 10/10/2016 by Tortie-etta

Around this time last year our Horsefield stopped eating. We took her to the vets for all sorts of tests...showed nothing really and eventually she started. Again this year age same thing...she has not had a great appetite for a few weeks and has not eaten in a few days. I have been soaking her in reptoboost and she does not appear to have any health issues. I weighted her and she is a bit overweight..was last year too ..she 14.5 Cm and weights 820gm.

The beak can open and close but needs a slight trim..can't get an appointment until next week with the reptile vet. She is alert and strong ..can walk around the room and great speed. Just wondering is it the time of year..she lives in a VIV.

Any Advice appreciated 

Re: Tortoise not eating
Posted: 11/10/2016 by

It is the time of year. How long have you had it ?

Does it live in a viv all year ?

On what basis do you say it's "overweight" ?

Re. the beak - what does it's diet consist of ?


Re: Tortoise not eating
Posted: 12/10/2016 by Tortie-etta

Hi have had her 3 years ... she only started doing it last year .. yes in the Viv all year tho yes out al lot to walk around 

I weighed and measured and used the scale for tortoise said she was 0.25 which they suggested overweight .
 Beak can close ok .. think it needs a slight trim ... have appt with reptile vet here in n.iteland tomorrow .

Had torts out this evening she walked around a lot very curious going between rooms etc 

Re: Tortoise not eating
Posted: 12/10/2016 by Tortie-etta

Thanks so much for your help !

Re: Tortoise not eating
Posted: 13/10/2016 by

Thank you for the reply,

Vivs are not good for torts, they need an open top box (tortoise 'table'). Suspend a 100W Megaray UVB bulb towards one end of the table, in a dome reflector e.g. an 8" Clamp Lamp.

If you used the J.R. it is not for horsfields, try the McIntyre Ratio. It is better to be over rather than underweight.

You don't detail the diet, but beak overgrowth is usually caused by feeding lettuce mixtures & similar, rather than course weeds & other suitable plants.

Sorry to be negative, but allowing torts to wander round the house is not recommended. You can read why elsewhere on this site.

It can & should be hibernated, maybe start with 3 months (Dec., Jan., & Feb..)
It should be outside in summer, in an enclosure of at least 10sqm. 

If you click on "The Tortoise /.." box you will find a mass of detail  re. the above matters.

Best wishes,


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