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Posted: 27/08/2016 by Lulu

Our tortoise is 6 years old. He started making a hissing sound when he first notices us and I Thought to was a startle response, however, I Have just noticed that he is making this sound periodically while eating. Does anyone know what this might be or whether it is cause for concern? He appears to be healthy in all other respects.

Re: Hissing
Posted: 30/08/2016 by


I need a bit more info svp.

Which species is it ?
How long have you had it ? 
Where is from ?
How exactly are you keeping it ?


Re: Hissing
Posted: 10/09/2016 by

As you haven't bothered to ansa my questions -

It's not normal.
It could be stress related.
Any deterioration rush it to a 'reptile vet.'



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