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overgrown beak
Posted: 30/06/2016 by

Hi  I have a tortoise who is 5 years old, with an overgrown lower beak. i have had it trimmed successfully  last year. this year i have just taken her to the vet who used a dremel on her beak, this resulted in alot of bleeding. the vet wasn't able to trim any off so she still has this overgrown beak and is unable to eat properly. i have been hand feeding her for the last 2 weeks . is there anything else i can do please? as the vet suggested putting her to sleep.  any advice gratefully received.

                                        many  thanks

Re: overgrown beak
Posted: 30/06/2016 by


Can you upload pics of your tort please ?


Re: overgrown beak
Posted: 06/07/2016 by

It is not sensible to fail to send photos or at least describe the problem more clearly.

It is very likely to have been caused by poor husbandry, e.g. feeding soft foods such as lettuce.

I suggest that you find a better vet.
Also click on "The Tortoise" box & download a Caresheet.

It needs to be kept outside in summer. You can find pics of enclosures on this site.



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