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ill tortoise
Posted: 26/06/2016 by Karen.turner

I have a ill tortoise he or she is approx 60 years old, he came out of hibernation and has not eaten on his own, his eyes are shut and his mouth open, I have been hand feeding him water and some liquid greens any advice please.

Re: ill tortoise
Posted: 26/06/2016 by Tom

Poor thing,

Owners of animals have a legal responsibility for their welfare.

Get it to a vet asap, if it recovers find it a decent home.

Re: ill tortoise
Posted: 26/06/2016 by Karen.turner

Hello Tom he's been to the vets, they said he was a very healthy tortoise, but he continued not to eat, we are going to see a specialist on Tuesday, the earliest appointment. Your reply was not very helpful I may add, and he has had a good home for 57 years!!!

Re: ill tortoise
Posted: 27/06/2016 by

Hello Karen,

If you had stated that in your Post, then I would have been critical of the vet rather than you. It appeared he had been 'ill' since hibernation & had not seen a vet. Let's hope it's not too late for the specialist to help him.

Many torts' are in in a poor state [or worse!] this year as the weather has been so poor since they emerged from hibernation. Temperature support is essential for all torts between emergence & consistent 'decent' weather.

Best wishes,

Re: ill tortoise
Posted: 28/06/2016 by Karen.turner

Unfortunately my tortoise died today, he had been hand fed all his life it's a very sad day. I have found most vets are incompetent when it comes to reptiles you have to find a specialist which was unfortunately too late.

I will probably not get another tortoise they are a life long commitment and would certainly outlive me.
Regards karen

Re: ill tortoise
Posted: 28/06/2016 by

I'm sorry to hear that Karen.

Perhaps you could consider adopting one from the "TPG Rehoming/Rescue" - box on the left.



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