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Posted: 12/12/2008 by colby73

Hi again, Flash seems to have settled well now into his new home. However I am a little worried as he is not eating very much if at all and he is sleeping the majority of the time. I am waking him in a morning to bathe him but as soon as I pop him back in his enclosure under his basking lamp he makes straight back to his bed and that is it for the rest of the day! Is this ok? He doesn't appear to have lost any weight yet! He has been following this routine for about the last three weeks. I chose not to hibernate him because he is only 18mths old. He is a Hermann. Any advice would be greatly received thanks

sarah x

Re: Flash
Posted: 12/12/2008 by vivtpgadmin

Hi Sarah,

Try not to worry about Flash, some of mine are the same, its this time of year they naturally want to wind down.  I think that even inside our houses they can sense how cold the weather is and that they want to sleep.

As you are choosing to keep him up, carry on as you are with the baths, its best to reduce the food a little so that he doesnt put on too much weight and just make sure your temps are ok. 

Keep up the good work, but any problems or queries dont hesitate to contact us!


Re: Flash
Posted: 15/12/2008 by ElaineTPG

Hi Sarah, Just to add to what Viv has said, I have added an additional light source to my juv enclosure because of this. My temps. are perfect so i added one of thoses energy saving light bulbs: it really has increased the light within the area and torts have responded, for very little cost too.


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