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Runny Nose - AB or not?
Posted: 10/02/2016 by Wowdude

Hi All,

I have just homed a Horsfield tortoise (renamed Oogway) and my partner and I are loving him already. However we have had him 2 weeks and has started to have mucus coming down from one nostril, and a little whistle/wheeze when he's breathing heavily.

We took him to our local vets (only one nearby to specialise in reptiles) and he said that it could be herpes, microplasma or something else. He open the tortoises mouth and looked down his throat for blockages but to no avail.

No the vet was quite insistent on giving Oogway Antibiotics for either of the two previously mentioned infections. I asked for a  swabs for proper diagnosis, and although he did this, he was still quite pushy about the antibiotics. So unhappily I agreed to them, with the swabs, but he wants to give Oogway antibiotics every other day for 4 goes. The swabs won't be completed for approximately 10 days.

Now I don't like the idea of randomly giving AB as I've heard it can be harmful or even fatal to tortoises, but i'm reticent to hold out for the results of the swabs in case it is an infection which could be fatal if we don't act fast enough.

Can anyone provide any advice, or have any dealings with such situations?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Re: Runny Nose - AB or not?
Posted: 10/02/2016 by Tom


Firstly what is the temp' range in the viv. ?


Re: Runny Nose - AB or not?
Posted: 11/02/2016 by Wowdude

Hi Tom,

Thanks for you response. It's around 16 degrees Celsius at the water dish end and about 28-30 near the lamp, as thermostat is in the middle of the tank.


Re: Runny Nose - AB or not?
Posted: 12/02/2016 by Tom

OK thanks,

I'm surprised it's as low as 16.

Some Cert Zoo Med. vets don't treat RNS if a tort is otherwise well. I agree it's a matter of opinion, but you'll appreciate that you'll have to finish the course.

It could be the viv causing the problem, hence my reply to your other Post "Vivarium or Table ?" in the Equipment section.

Keep us informed please.



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