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No poop!
Posted: 01/02/2016 by littleT

I've had my tortoise for 2 weeks. He's 3 years old. Since I've had him I've bathed him every day.  But I'm worried as I've not found a poo at all.  He is eating but very little,  I've assumed he's unsettled due to moving home.  I don't want to unsettle him further but do you think I need to take him for a check up at the vets? 

Re: No poop!
Posted: 01/02/2016 by Tom


Can you give full details of the species & it's background please ?

Also FULL details of your 'setup' please ?

Also full details of the temp' range at tort level ?

Finally photos of the tort & the setup if poss' ?


Re: No poop!
Posted: 01/02/2016 by littleT

Hi Tom. 

He's a horsefield tortoise. Aged 3. Measures 10cm long (and wide). Weight 222g. 
I have rehomed him from a person I worked with. He's in a small table only about 70cm long (I've ordered a much bigger rabbit cage for him that should arrive tomorrow). I have a combined lamp with temp 30 degrees basking and 20-22 at cooler end. I've changed his substrate topsoil when I got him.  He's eating mainly cress, kale and lambs lettuce.... offered weeds and other stuff but not interested.  He's eats a little every couple of days. I don't need to wake him in the morning,  he comes out on his own.  But normal takes himself to bed by 5pm. Sometimes afternoon nap too. 
I'm at work at the moment so I've attached the pictures I have.  Let me know if there is any info I've missed. 

Re: No poop!
Posted: 01/02/2016 by Tom.p

Thank you,

The temp' s are fine.
Which combined bulb are you using ? 
Is the bulb in a reflector ? What angle is it at ? A pic of the table incl. lamp please ?

Avoid kale & other brassicas.
Which weeds ? & what "other stuff" ?
What was the former owner feeding ? & how long have they had it ?


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