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Posted: 20/01/2016 by Peter isted

Hi Any advice please .I have a male tortoise Fred age 6 and a 5 year old female tortoise Wilma  they live in the same house all the time with a large enclosure with stable doors so they can go out as required.Wilma recently went out in the cold and starting digging like a nest and since keeps going out and last night when I got home at 7pm she was outside in the freezing cold,I put her inside immedialty and she is ok.Why does she want to keep going out in the cold and staying out.?Could she be holding eggs,but I thought she was to young.?Any guidance please.??

Re: Sulcata
Posted: 20/01/2016 by Tom


It is too young, but with a male & female together it is possible.

What exactly is she doing "like a nest". Is this with the back legs ? What is her weight ?

Any pics of of the torts., etc.,  would be good.



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