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Help! I'll horsefild Tortoise
Posted: 11/11/2015 by davidgh1

Hello I need help with my new tortoise,

I've recently purchased two 1 year old horsefield tortoise's the day I bought them I new there was a problem one of them was really lethargic not eating/drinking moving seems to have an eye infection and the shell seems soft  'then I realized why the girl sold them'. 

I went to the pet shop for some advice and saw a poster of the same UVB 10 bulb that I had with the tortoise table which was a fake from ebay because it was cheap to buy .I bought the real one instantly I assume since she had them for the 3 months it has never had the right UVB 10 bulb Since then the shell seems to be getting darker is this normal ?  . Also the girl had sawdust in the tortoise box and I new this could of caused the eye infection so I changed it and put news paper down instantly. 

I purchased eye drops and have been bathing the poorly tortoise for a week now twice a day with some calcium powder in the bath. The only time it comes out/opens eyes  is when I give it a warm bath.  I've been having to force feed it blended garden weeds & greens just so it eats something which I hate having to do but the tortoise does swallow it. I keep her near the basking light and the temperature is around 33c during when the light is on.

Can somebody give me any more advice on how to make this little guy better?

really don't want to loose this little tortoise I realize these little guys are particular and sensitive to their environment any advice that anyone can give me would be hugely appreciated 

Thanks allot 


Re: Help! I'll horsefild Tortoise
Posted: 11/11/2015 by Tom

Hello David,

You need to take it to a vet. There is a List in the "Vets & ." box.
Calcium powder in the water will do more harm than good.

Can you send pics of the tort & the set up ?
33C is a bit high. Aim for 30 at the hot spot & 18 at the cool end.

Sadly you are paying the price for impulse buying. Demand a refund from the seller.


Click "The Tortoise / " box for a Caresheet.


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