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Found a hatchling
Posted: 08/09/2015 by Claire Shepherd

Hi there, this morning as i was heading out early I saw a baby tortoise on the ramp outside our block. I was going to move it onto the grass but thought i would take it in first to show my sons. When I got into the light I saw that there were ants all over it, they were all over it's face and front legs poor thing. I managed to get them off it, although there were a couple if dead ones in its tiny mouth I couldn't get at so I hope it will be ok. Looking at the advice here we set up a temporary box for it with some soil, clover, water and stones. We live in a neighbourhood in Istanbul so I guess it is a Mediterranean tortoise just hatched, I was wondering how long to let it recover from the ant attack before releasing it and for some advice on where to release it. I was thinking it might have a better chance if I drove out of the city rather than a city park? 


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