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Aggressive Tortoise
Posted: 17/08/2015 by Roy Booth

Hi, could you offer me some advice with this issue. i have a tortoise that is 40 years old and over the past 5 or so years has become aggressive and continually butts everything / anything brown including shoes etc. Thanks in advance Roy

Re: Aggressive Tortoise
Posted: 17/08/2015 by Tom

There's nothing you can do after 5 years Roy, but continue to stroke his head if he allows it.

I assume he has an enclosure of at least 15sqm, with a good sized waterproof house.


Re: Aggressive Tortoise
Posted: 19/08/2015 by Roy Booth

Tom thank you for your reply, my tortoise is approximately 40 years old and does have a good waterproof house and the 15sqm suggested. He was a rescue tortoise and i have had him for about 10 years so i guess he's had a tough time?. much appreciated,


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