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Flipped in hot weather
Posted: 30/07/2015 by sulcata tortoise

Yesterday morning my large sulcata flipped over my slightly smaller 7 year old sulcata. It was about an hour or two before I found the upside down tortoise. It was hot around 90-95F.  The tortoise was bubbling at the mouth and unsteady on his feet. I put him down in the shady grass and he slowly made his way a short distance away to the shady dirt area. I soaked him in shallow cool water for 20 minutes then watered down the dirt area and he stayed there until late afternoon. When the day started cooling down he walked, still unsteady, out to the grass and drank for a long time out of the shallow water trays.  I offered him some banana and greens but he did not eat or even move for the rest of the evening. I brought him onto my covered patio for the night 77F. This morning he only moved a little bit. Normally he will go out to graze.  I kept him inside for the hot part of the day and brought him outside when it started to cool down. He has not moved nor eaten the food I set in front of him. I don't mean to play favorites but he is my favorite tortoise and it would devastate me to lose him. Is there anything I can do to help him recover?

Re: Flipped in hot weather
Posted: 30/07/2015 by Tom


I note that your post was 15 hours ago. How is it now ?


Re: Flipped in hot weather
Posted: 31/07/2015 by Tom

In the absence of a reply, if it's no better get to a vet urgently.

"Banana & greens" are not suitable foods - click on "The Tortoise" & print off a Caresheet.


Re: Flipped in hot weather
Posted: 01/08/2015 by sulcata tortoise


Thanks for responding so quickly. He has been walking around and grazing on grass, but is unsteady and a little lacking in coordination and jaw strength. Other than that he is acting normally. I don't normally feed my tortoises fruit but as it is something I know he cannot resist I was using it as a test to see how badly he was feeling. Thanks again.


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