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Potential purchase/rescue advice please
Posted: 22/06/2015 by classicnovum

Hello, this is my first post. I do not own a tortoise yet, i was doing the sensible thing, researching and waiting until I had the setup and was prepared for the little gremlin.

However, a recent read of the classifieds where i Live, (Belfast) someone is selling two horsefields, they are over 7 years old, kept in a viv and have NEVER been hibernated!!!

Now, this alarms me greatly, everything I've read said this is not the way to look after them and likewise would suggest not to buy because they are most likely in poor health. But I'd gladly buy them simply to get them off the person selling them and to get them into the right set-up, out in the garden since the weather is good of late, in a tortoise table set up etc and seen by a vet. Surely the cannot be healthy in a viv?

Any advice or should I give these tortoises a wide berth? I just cannot believe they have not been hibernated in their lifetime. thanks.

Re: Potential purchase/rescue advice please
Posted: 22/06/2015 by Tom


It is good that you have done some reading first. 
I would give the poor things a wide berth, certainly avoid paying for them. Someone will take them & hopefully keep them properly.

I know that some people like them, but I would avoid Horsfield's completely - they have many drawbacks. Go for Hermann's or T. ibera.

Click on the "TPG Rehoming " box you may be lucky & find some. I'm not aware of any breeders in N. I.



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