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help please
Posted: 19/04/2015 by sam.s

following on from my post in December.

tortoises all fit and good.

brought 2 new females and a male.

got them home and one female laid 5 eggs,

previous owner said she was ready to go down.

made a incubator, and got them in, temp at 30, humidity  at 70%

fingers crossed.

put the new same size male with my other male, and the new one was butted

and mounted, like ww1 broke out.

had to put him with females for a short period and he went for all of them.

I thought males would live peacefully with each other.

and he would get a pal to keep him company.

I don't know whether he is sex mad or a nasty bully.

do I get rid of one of them,which I don't want to do.

or try to get a swap for a more placid male.

he even tries to bite me, and our Bengal leopard cats.

thanks guys sam. 

Re: help please
Posted: 19/04/2015 by


No quarantine then. 
Yes males fight. It's always best to do some reading before rushing to buy any animal.


Re: help please
Posted: 20/04/2015 by sam.s

hi tom. what is the best thing to do.

sell the new male. the females are in there own enclosure,

and the 2 males each have there own place.

most breeders I have visited have there males living together,

and females separately, so been a loving animal person,

I thought 2 males together would be company for each other.

all the best sam.

Re: help please
Posted: 20/04/2015 by

I can see that your intentions were good Sam, but most adult males fight. Unless one becomes submissive serious injuries can occur. If raised together they are often happy together, in the complete absence of females.

What age are they ?


Re: help please
Posted: 21/04/2015 by sam.s

hi tom, both at 10 years old.

I am now thinking of selling the new male,

but am concerned where to sell,

and need to know he will go to a suitable home.


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