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Bumpy shell
Posted: 19/04/2015 by Donna fowler


I've had t pot for 2 yrs he's  a Hermann he's approx age is 9/10 he has a bumpy shell what can I do to improve? He has an outside pen and comes in on cooler evenings. He has a basking light for heat and a uv fluorescent tubes. These are on for a short period while indoors but is in darkness at bedtime. Any help would be appreciated. 
Regards Donna 

Re: Bumpy shell
Posted: 19/04/2015 by

Hello Donna,

There is nothing you can do about existing 'bumps', but you can improve your husbandry by exploring the vast amount of info. on this site. Start by clicking on "The Tortoise / ......" box on the left.

If you bought him, his year of birth will be on his CITES Certificate. 
At 9/10 he needs an enclosure of at least 15sqm, with a waterproof 'house'.
I assume that he hibernates.



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