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Spur thigh not eating
Posted: 29/03/2015 by traciemay

My 40+ year old spur thigh has been out of hibernation for 9 days and still has not eaten. I have bathed him twice a day since waking yet he's just not interested in any food I try him with. I've not seen him wee or poo, yet he is active and alert. Any ideas what to try as I dont want to leave it much longer.
PS. Weather has been awful so he's not had much UV, I've never used a lamp with him,,,,maybe I should to try and kick start his appetite??


Re: Spur thigh not eating
Posted: 31/03/2015 by Tom

Hello Tracie,

If you don't have a greenhouse or mini poly-tunnel for him, then you are right in thinking that he needs a lamp.
Go for a "Megaray" (online) with a "Clamp Lamp" 20cm dome fitting, but suspend it at 90deg., (don't use the clamp).

It's very risky to put torts outside in this weather. He will soon pick up when the lamp is set up properly - 6-8 hours a day is sufficient.



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