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8 month old herman inactive
Posted: 26/03/2015 by Pansie


I would really appreciate some help, please.  I have three 8 month old Hermanns from a breeder.  They are kept in a tort table with combined UVB/heat lamp at 32degC above a basking stone at one end and room temp at the other (about 21degC). Substrate is 50/50 top soil/sand.  For the last 7 days have noticed the middle sized one (Pansie) is very inactive and not eating (usual diet is weeds or lettuce/rocket).  We took her to vet who gave vits, Ca and tube feed.  She seemed to perk up and we saw her eat that same evening but has since deteriorated (hardly moving, not eating, no stools/urine).  We have been bathing her daily to prevent dehydration.  The other two torts are romping round the enclosure as normal.
I'd love to hear if anyone has ideas as to what may be wrong.  We've got another vet appointment tomorrow.  Many thanks,  Kay

Re: 8 month old herman inactive
Posted: 27/03/2015 by Tom


What weight was it when you got it & what is it now ?

What does the breeder have to say about it ?

The vet's treatment was of little use, have a look in the "Vets & Health……" box
for a specialist vet.



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