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Posted: 30/01/2015 by Remmea

Hi looking for help , purchased a tortoise he man for my son it's 3 months old .

We have a too table with UVA and heat light .

We originally had bark chip but changed with top soil and play sand . 

We bath him every morning and feed him spring greens .
He seems lively enough I have 3 questions 
1/ he keeps climbing sides and falls on his back , I worry he can't turn over - are they able to do there selves as I am worried it happens when I am out 
2/ should I be spraying top soil as it seems very dry ??
3/ he has stopped burrowing since I changed to top soil and only lays on top of it at night , is this ok ? 

Re: Burrowing
Posted: 01/02/2015 by Tom


 Can you send photos of your set-up please ? Also can you state the temp's. at tort. level.



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