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Horsefield Clicking / popping noise
Posted: 15/01/2015 by Brummy_Tort

Hi from a complete beginner.
I received a Horsefield as a present at Christmas. girlfriend also bought a second hand 4ft viv as a temporary arrangement. (I know its not suitable) I have done extensive research ever since getting the little chap and boy is it confusing. Anyhow since having him he has always made a clicking or slight popping noise which comes from his nostrils. It's not very loud and his nose is not runny, or wet and no bubbles appear either. From what I have read so far I guess it could be a respiritary thing. What do others think?

I was told by someone with 20 years experience of reptiles who runs her own shop that I should keep him in a viv. Have the heat lamp on all the time, but regulated by a thermostat controller to maintain a constant temperature gradient. She recommended having the cold end at about 82F? The problem is I am using a 100W heat bulb and the basking temperature underneath is about 50C as I cannot raise the bulb any higher as the viv is only 40cm high. I don't like the idea of leaving the light on all night and the basking temperature is way too high. I know he is not stupid and will move if it's too hot, but it's not an ideal situation. She said that maybe he has been too cold and turning up the temperature might 



the problem with his nostrils.  I am not sure what to do for the best at the moment. I don't want him being too cold at night, but then I dont want to make him worse if he does indeed have something wrong. 


Re: Horsefield Clicking / popping noise
Posted: 15/01/2015 by Tom


The reptile shop owner is talking absolute rubbish. This is not unusual.

It's not surprising the poor thing has problems at those temps..

Turn the bulb off asap.
You need a tortoise 'table,' - a plastic under bed store box is fine. Blank the sides with dark coloured "Fablon"or similar (cardboard to start) & set your bulb up at a 90degree angle to the floor, at one end, to create a temp. gradient.

Assuming it's a UVB bulb, check the correct height above your tort. with the manufacturer.

The light should be on for about 8hrs a day only, room temp. is fine for the rest of the day. 

You want a temp. of about 30C below the bulb. Click on "The Tortoise /.." on the left & download a Care sheet.



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