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Leaky Eyes and Red Footed Tortoise
Posted: 30/12/2014 by Mishelle-Redfoot

     I recently adopted a red-footed tortoise, pleasantly named 'Mishelle' or 'Shelly', and I found our she was making a whistling or popping noise as she was breathing. Thankfully her mouth wasn't open nor were there any signs of bubbles around her mouth or nose. According to a reptile medical sight, it meant there was low humidity in her box. So I bought her a humidifier and am currently using a deep plate as a bathing/basking area until I get paid Thursday to get her a real basking dish.

      Then I realized her eyes are watery. I read on one site that it could be allergies and then on another it could be that some of her substrate got in her eyes (which apparently happens often with coconut coir)  and the tears are to wash out the left over bits. 
     Just curious about how I should try and help her. I really love her and would hate for her to get sick or hurt because of me. 

Re: Leaky Eyes and Red Footed Tortoise
Posted: 31/12/2014 by Tom


You state that you "recently adopted" it. Was it given to you by the owner or did you buy it ?
Also how recently did you acquire it ?
Photos would also help.



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