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Russian Tortoise eye.
Posted: 28/11/2014 by laurenlansbury

I bought my horsefield tortoise a week ago from a woman selling it locally, i soon realised that one of his eyes are closed up and appear quite swollen, i have a tortoise table and a heat mat under his substrate, i'm using the lamp the previous owner had and it only says "14W 120mA" its from asda and i'm really worried incase she has bought a total wrong lamp and caused permanent problems. also when he urinates, a grey substance comes out which is hard and gritty, i am guessing it is urates, i am also worried in case he is dehydrated. i visited a local pet shop and they told me it was because he was cold, however online it says it is caused by dehydration, does anyone have any advice or instructions?

i have bathed his eye three times a day for the past 3 days and rubbed conjunctivitis gel on too. 

the photo's ive added are both of his eyes, one looking healthy and the other, unhealthy 


Re: Russian Tortoise eye.
Posted: 28/11/2014 by Tom

Hello Laura,

The other eye doesn't look too good either.
The light you have is useless.

Click on the box titled "The Tortoise" for a Caresheet & lighting info..
Avoid "rubbing" the eyes.
There is a list of specialist Vets in another box.

Re. urates - let him soak daily in a container of tepid water, deep enough to put his head under, if he wishes.

Heat mats are not good for tortoises.
You will need a digital thermometer, to get properly set up.
As you now realise - a lot of thought is needed before buying an animal.

Keep us informed & good luck.

Re: Russian Tortoise eye.
Posted: 09/12/2014 by laurenlansbury

I've just bought a 10% UVB bulb and a heat lamp, I'm soaking his eye in warm water and olive oil everyday (I was recommended by vet to do so), how long do you think this will take? I'm worried it won't heal


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