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Russian Tortoise eye.
Posted: 28/11/2014 by laurenlansbury

I bought my horsefield tortoise a week ago from a woman selling it locally, i soon realised that one of his eyes are closed up and appear quite swollen, i have a tortoise table and a heat mat under his substrate, i'm using the lamp the previous owner had and it only says "14W 120mA" its from asda and i'm really worried incase she has bought a total wrong lamp and caused permanent problems. also when he urinates, a grey substance comes out which is hard and gritty, i am guessing it is urates, i am also worried in case he is dehydrated. i visited a local pet shop and they told me it was because he was cold, however online it says it is caused by dehydration, does anyone have any advice or instructions?

i have bathed his eye three times a day for the past 3 days and rubbed conjunctivitis gel on too. 


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