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URGENT - Green Urates
Posted: 18/09/2014 by mrs f

Hi Guys,

Mrs B's urates ( wee ) is green, usually just like a white paste, she is bathed every other day, has seemed a little quiet lately, any body think this could be related to previous post i made regarding if she could be ready to lay eggs , or is this something else to worry about, she seems ok otherwise, is pooing ok, and eating, she has been outside throughout most of the summer, but i have brought her indoors now... its been green for the last few days, she always wee's in her bath, so its easy to see, she is Hermans, nearly 8 years old.

Many thanks


Re: URGENT - Green Urates
Posted: 23/09/2014 by Tom

What does her diet consist of Debs ?

Urine & faeces are expelled via the same 'opening,' so this may explain the situation. 

Let us know what happens.

If you are going to hibernate your tort., it would be best to leave it outside, where it will prepare to hibe. in late October.




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