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Old enough to lay eggs
Posted: 29/08/2014 by mrs f

Hi there,

Just wondering what age female Hermanns are likely to start laying eggs, Mrs Brown was hatched in 2007, i have used the site many times over the years, i know she is healthy, and she habinates - fridge method - every year, but over the last few weeks she has started to dig down in the same area, quite deep and has been a bit sleepier than normal, thnk i read that they can start laying eggs from around 8 years old, is there anything i should for her, is there a way of telling if she is going to lay eggs, she has not been mated.

All info much appreciated as always.




Re: Old enough to lay eggs
Posted: 01/09/2014 by Tom

Hello Deb,

She is reacting to the drop in temperature.

Has she got a nice warm house, with a wooden floor? If not she needs one.


Re: Old enough to lay eggs
Posted: 17/09/2014 by mrs f

Thanks Tom,

Her house is warm, with a wooden floor, i am just getting concerend that if she is at the age when she starts to have eggs,and i dont know about it, will i be ok to hibernate her, i am only going on some notes i read that said when torts are carrying eggs, they start sniffing the ground, and digging down quite deep in area's, i think she is at the age where egg laying will start, so any thing else i should look out for, and would you recommend an x-ray to see for definate, which i have enquired about and will cost 60.00. Do you know how often a female Hermans would lay eggs, Mrs B will not have any contact with male's , so not sure if that makes any difference ( apart from not being fertalized ) ..Many thanks



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