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Winter for horefields..
Posted: 21/08/2014 by Animalia

Hello im currently building that style of enclosure for my horsefield Tortoise (4ft x 9ft), I rescued him from a elderly couple who says he is roughly 10 years old (shell is roughly 9 inches). He's never been hibernated before and there was no sign of a uvb bulb and they fed him on an improper diet with that information I have decided not to hibernate him this year as I don't feel he's 100% healthy.

As the enclosure wont be done until September I was wondering if it would be okay to still put him out from september....

I have also have this ^. Which I will be fitting him bulbs and lights into (and sealed obviously)

What my worry is Rain Sleat and Snow. Should I make a cover to go over it? Should I bring him in? or shall I leave him outside as long as his house is warm?


Re: Winter for horefields..
Posted: 23/08/2014 by Tom


I suggest that you download a Caresheet from "The Tortoise…. " box on the left. It will need an enclosure of at least 15sqm & I assume that you know they burrow, so beware of escape.  Don't put heat /light in the night house, which you have, it is not needed.

If you don't hibernate it, then it will need to be indoors from late September. If his shoulders & thighs are well fleshed, then it could be hibernated. The necessary info can be found in the same above box.



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