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Health Issue
Posted: 31/07/2014 by hevikin

Hi just seeking advice regarding tortoise hatchling 1 year old today.  Suddenly today seems to have hurt his leg in last 30 min and is struggling to use it and limping along.  When trying to move looks like his back legs are doing frog legs?  Any advice much appreciated.  He was very unsettled and kept trying to move, is now resting and basking.


Re: Health Issue
Posted: 31/07/2014 by Tom


Perhaps monitor it over the weekend. If there is no improvement, there is a list of specialist vets in the box on the left titled "Vets and…"

It would be a good idea to also click on "The Tortoise /Incl. Care Sheets" box & download the appropriate Care Sheet.

This type of problem can be caused by poor husbandry. Hopefully this is not the case.



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