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how often can females lay eggs
Posted: 30/06/2014 by huni

elsie became ill 3 weeks ago when she retained her 1st clutch of eggs. after hormone treatment she was able to pass them and bounced back within a day or so. Now in the past week she is showing all the proper signs of wanting to lay eggs. Is it possible for her to have another belly full so quickly ??

Re: how often can females lay eggs
Posted: 30/06/2014 by Tom


Yes it's possible.

Can you give more details please - species, age & size of your tort.. 
Also how is it kept, in / outside? size of enclosure, is it with others & if so details please.
The above information is important in order to try to work out why she is retaining eggs.


Re: how often can females lay eggs
Posted: 02/07/2014 by huni

thanks for the reply, elsie is a horsfield aged 3 and a half. she weights just over a kilo and is otherwise in great shape. She is kept indoors on a large tortoise table with all appropriate lighting and has a wide and varied diet. She loves roaming around the house but in past few days she doesnt want to be in her enclosure and limits herself to the living room and follows my every move. She is still eating well and as i said very hyper which is a stark contrast in how she was few weeks ago when she had the probs retaining the eggs. Any advice wud be really appreciated


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