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convex, raised shell help!
Posted: 09/12/2013 by Basia

Hi all,

I really need your help. We`ve had our Leopard tortoise - Lea for approx. 2 years now and we have never had any problems with her. However recently my friends bought me a new one -Charlie so I went back to the shop as the new one wasn't keen on eating etc and the chap from the store said that our Lea is very small for her age, her shell isn't growing properly and that she needs a new UV lamp. So my bfriend bought a lamp of ebay which clearly isn't the right one (ive read the description and it turned out to be a lamp for a fish tank) . The lamp was on for approx. 16 hours before we realised that her eyes are swollen and watery. Before that time she kept eating all the time but now she doesn't want to eat anything at all and keeps her eyes closed. Also we have changed her home- my bfriend built much bigger house and it smells with wood so perhaps this is the problem as its too dry? I am ever so worried that we`ve hurt our tortoise. Please give us some advice on what to do.  cheers

Re: convex, raised shell help!
Posted: 10/12/2013 by Tom

Eye problems need urgent veterinary investigation.
Leopard torts are not suitable for the UK climate, but such is the greed of the pet trade. I suggest you return the new one to the shop, it will only add to your problems.
Avoid the new enclosure until you are sure it is safe to use.
Click on the "links" box for advice on lighting.
I regret the negative reply, but I wish you well.


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