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Nail off nerve exposed
Posted: 23/11/2013 by Davidson

Hi, just rescued a tort who needs TLC. He has a few issues but the problem I have is his nails are badly overgrown to the point he can't walk so I began trimming them like I have done with other torts. His legs were firmly into his body so he could not tug but when I applied pressure to the cutters his whole nail came off leaving an exposed bleeding nerve! I assume because he is very heavy and nails long that the nails have became weak at the root. I tried to hold some cotton pads on to stop the bleed, he would not let me wrap it as it must be very sensitive and the more he squirmed the more it bled. I do not have any iodine tonight so I have put him in his enclosure to de-stress him and hope it will clot. Will he be ok? Should I get iodine tomorrow and apply it? It is covered in coir substrate so if I give it a rinse tomorrow will that be ok because I don't want to wet it and encourage bleeding.

Re: Nail off nerve exposed
Posted: 25/11/2013 by Tom

Given what you say, this specimen could well have other problems.
Your attempt at 'treatment' so far, is less than impressive & since you are aware of iodine/povidine solution, a more sensible approach would (at least) have been to have some to hand.
I suggest that you take it to a vet, preferably with a Cert. Zoo. Med.. see green box on the left, titled "Vets & ....."


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