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Advice please Horsefield laid eggs
Posted: 03/11/2013 by pj

Please could anyone give me some advice please Our horsefield laid one egg 62 days ago ..And laid four this morning ..We have kept the first one she laid at correct temperature but cannot belive she has laid some more this morning ..Advice please New to all this ..We have kept horsefields for 4 yes bow but new to breeding ..Thanks  

Re: Advice please Horsefield laid eggs
Posted: 05/11/2013 by Tom

For detailed advice about incubating eggs, click on the green box on left, titled "The Tortoise" & the sub-heading - "Captive Breeding."
However, your torts should be in hibernation by now, rather than being active. Action is needed to get your female(s) into a normal breeding cycle, or there is a danger of more & more eggs being laid during this natural rest period - (hibernation).
Start by removing the male(s) to a separate enclosure.
Can you post full details of your torts please including housing, so that I can give you further advice.


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