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Sick Tortoise
Posted: 18/10/2013 by korenxx


So this year after lots of researh I deciced to get a tortoise. 

i went to view on at a shop that needed rehoming and my god it was awful. he was being kept in a vivurm that was tiny no bigger than a shoe box and he was crawing up the glass trying to get out. im a push ove and couldnt leaving him there and took him home that day.

I took him to a vet a week later she diagnosed him with pymiad syndrome and julvina elvated growth syndrome (where the shell is too big for them) with possiable bone disease  ( can't remeber the name) . I have paper work to say he is a 4year old spur thighted.  that was a about a month 2 months ago

last weekend he started weezing and D+so monday i took him back to vets and she digonside him with a infection, she said it could have been going on for a while, i felt alful coz he had been suffering and i did know but she said sometimes they dont display sysmtoms till it gets really bad. He on antibotics and seem to slowly be getting better.

He become part of the family and has a funny personality. I just want to know what i can do to help with his shell? the vet gave me some calcium powder, he has cuttle fish and chalk blocks like i was advised and i have gone thought with her on his set up the only thing she adv to change was his bedding which i did as soon as i was home. I just dont want him to suffer anymore than he has

any adv would be so helpful thanks



Re: Sick Tortoise
Posted: 19/10/2013 by Tom

Hello Koren,
Sorry to hear of this. Sadly there is nothing that can be done to repair the damage to the 'shell'. But by feeding wild plants (weeds) you can ensure that future growth is normal. A very light dusting of "Nutrobal" on the food will also help, but don't put calcium powder on as well.
Let us know how things go.
Did you pay any money for your tortoise ?


Re: Sick Tortoise
Posted: 28/12/2013 by korenxx


Yes Its taken a little while but hes all better now, will take him for another full check over when the weather warms back up but the vet was happy with hes recovery, she said for hes size which is 20cm lengther and 15cm wide need needs to way aroung 900- 1kg and hes 850g now and he was about 500g when i got him.

yeah i payed 140 to the people and proberly just over 200 in the vet bills but the money doesnt bother me aslong as he on the mend. I acturally work as a part-time receptionist at a vets so i had discount of my bill aswell.

I advise people against this kinda of thing becuase of putting money in there pockets to carry on the treatment to other animals but the place was horrid and ive passed it on for it to be looked into.

Thankyou for the reply and advise.




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