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yellow/ pinky wee
Posted: 02/10/2013 by HIPPO78

I have re homed 2 1 year old horsefield tortoises on is fine wees and poos regularly the other one who is slightly smaller wouldn't wee or poo for the first 3 days, yesterday and today he weed but was a little yellow yesterday but was only a little one today was much bigger but was quite yellow and pinky, I have been bathing them everyday since I got them. Have since found out the previous owners never read much about them never bathed them and only topped up water because they always weed and pooed as soon as they put clean water down, What does the yellow wee mean is it dehydration should I bath more often. Please help

Re: yellow/ pinky wee
Posted: 02/10/2013 by alibannani

If you are concerned you need to get your little ones to a vet. However if you have been feeding them well with lots of weeds like dandilions etc it can turn their wee pinky in colour. If you are looking after them properly, as you clearly are, then there should be nothing to worry about but as I said get them to a vet if you're worried!
Hope that helps

Re: yellow/ pinky wee
Posted: 04/10/2013 by HIPPO78

Thank you I did contact the vet and they said could have been a few things but to keep and eye for a few days and each day has got better he seems to be moving around more weeing when I bath each day and colour has improved loads just a slight ting of pink now no yellow. I have them on a table and was given a combination bulb but vet advise separate for winter so went to reptile shop near me they gave me a basking bulb uv which I turn off at night then a ceramic bulb. I have set it all up today and it seems to be to warm is it all to much stuff if anyone can help also I was told to leave ceramic on at night never used this reptile shop not sure if its good advice. So pleased with the improvement though x


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