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Swollen eyes
Posted: 21/09/2013 by Trudy511

Hi I'm new to this site, but am looking for some help/advice. We've had our horsefield tortoise Robbie (who is roughly 18months old) for 6months. He lives indoors in an open top tortoise table. We have a basking area with a combined uv and heat lamp. He has fresh water everyday, he feeds on greens, weeds and flowers, pansies being his favourite and has been very perky and active up until the last few weeks. We have noticed he's not eating much and his eyes have swelled up, so much so he can't even open them. We have been bathing him in warm water everyday to try and help. There's no discharge from his eyes or his nose, but he seems to rub them a lot with his arms. Has anyone else had this with their tortoise ?

Re: Swollen eyes
Posted: 21/09/2013 by Doug Keen

Hi Trudy,

Horsefields tend to like lower humidity than most species, even so an indoor setup could still be too dry? I would get him checked by a reptile vet to be sure.

I would also consider an outdoor enclosure, see the care sheet for Horsefields on this website.

Good luck.


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