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Posted: 14/09/2013 by marcela

Hi.. I got a horsfield tortoise for about 5 months.. It's been fine up to now, and although I'm new to all it's care I've done lots of research to make sure I give it the best care.. I'm used to it's normal behaviour now that's why I'm a bit worried cuz for the last couple of weeks it's been sleeping for almost all day, it's not eating much and I haven't seen any urine or dropping for it either.. Could it be something serious???

Re: Help!!!
Posted: 14/09/2013 by Tom

You say that you've researched & are providing "best care," but there is no indication at all of how you are keeping it.
The more detail you give, the better chance there is of giving the advice you need.
Photos of your in & outdoor housing would also be helpful, also the age of your tortoise.

Re: Help!!!
Posted: 18/09/2013 by alibannani

As the weather cools my little girl starts to slow down too. This is your first winter with yours so just keep an eye on them. Keep giving him baths to make certain that his body is still working properly and if you're really worried go to an approved reptile vet and get him checked over.


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