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help me
Posted: 12/09/2013 by sammy

Heya I'm new to all this, I've had my tortoise Porscha for about three years and recently he's lost one of he's front nails, I'm really worried about it, he doesn't seem to be in any pain with it, so is there anything I can do?
Also he seems to be hissing when he breathes, he's always done it, but wondering if he has a breathing problem? The vet said it's fine but I'm not so sure.
He also paces around his viv whenever he's in it even if he's out of it hours at a time? As soon as he goes in the viv again he'll start pacing, what can I do?
I'm hoping someone can help me
Worried tortiose owner

Re: help me
Posted: 12/09/2013 by Tom

Hello Sammy,
Have you found the claw? If so can you post a pic of it please? Any bleeding on the foot?
Hissing indicates either a respiratory problem, or that it is wild caught, or both. Did the vet notice the hiss?
What species is your tort?
The worst place to keep a tort. is in a vivarium. Pet dealers love selling vivs, since their only interest is in money!!!
It paces round the viv. because they are 'hell' for torts.
If it came with paperwork, can you look in Box 10 please, what is the "Country of Origin" ?
Answer the above questions please (where possible) & it will be easier to give you advice.


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