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Tortoise fell into my pond
Posted: 25/08/2013 by Ahamil

My tortoise which Ive had for 34 years was found in my small frog pond about a foot under water. Im not sure how long he was under for anything from five hours to ten minutes (if he fell in just before I arrived home) Ive had the pond for years and hes never once tried to even climb the rocks around it.

I pulled him out and resuscitated him blowing into his nose, warmed him up and within an hr he was looking normal again, 48hrs later he still looks normal - eyes are clear, no discharge from the nose and mouth is clear, hes not eating and walking other than a fw steps, hes inside the house and generally doesnt move much when its cloudy and cold.

Hes now wheezing you can see his breathing at times a breath every 3-5 seconds and at other times every 15-20 seconds.

Im not sure if any underlying issue I should be aware of, or if the lack of walking around , eating or drinking would be normal after 48hrs from being near death? Im also not sure if he had any lung problems how this would present itself? Just looking for some advice or if anyone else encountered the same problem/accident?

Im think hes a spur-thighed tortoise but not 100% sure (picture attached)

Re: Tortoise fell into my pond
Posted: 25/08/2013 by Ahamil

SORRY - It is supposed to say he's NOT wheezing , cant see how can edit original post so had to reply to my own.

Also update - he ate some food today (48hrs after being nearly dead) so that I assume is a good sign.

Not sure if as hes eating he should still have antibiotic jabs - the pond water is clean and the pond itself was cleaned out two months a go so zero algae etc in it.

Appreciate any advice from others who have had the same happen or anyone who understands if he still needs antibiotics now that hes eating.


Re: Tortoise fell into my pond
Posted: 29/08/2013 by Tom

Hello Andy,
Well done! Your common sense has paid dividends. Your case is not unique, but not all have a happy endings. Ir's a warning to all with ponds - cover with wire mesh (big enough for frogs & toads to get through) or a 30cm high wall. These also prevent hedgehogs drowning, another gardeners friend.
I suggest you click on the vets (green) box on the left. If there's any deterioration then you can act quickly. It's good anyway to know of a 'reptile vet'.
It is Spur-thighed, species name Testudo ibera, (no connection with the Iberian Peninsula).

Re: Tortoise fell into my pond
Posted: 29/08/2013 by Ahamil

Thanks Tom,

Hes been put on a course of 3 antibiotic jabs as his breathing started to get shallow. Thanks for confirming the species. Pond was covered the next day with a wire grid.

Just hope he regains full health now before he hibernates mid Oct. Hes still eating so hopefully the antibiotics will sort his lungs out.


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